Our PC support and service system means that we can usually come and look at your PC within 24 hours of you calling us, and very often we can come within a few hours.

In many cases it is better if we take your PC away to do an repairs as we can do any work more cheaply. If we do, we will set a maximum price for any labour before we remove your machine, that way, you won't be hit with a large, unexpected bill, and should the PC require any new parts we would talk to you before fitting anything

No call out charge.
If you call us out and we don't make your machine any better, or it cannot be fixed, you won't be charged.

If we do any repairs, there is a minimum charge of 1 hour.

You may be unsure whether getting the PC repaired would be economical. Don't worry! We will give you unbiased advice and it won't cost you anything to get an estimate, so you have nothing to lose!

If you don't see what you require on this site, phone for details on 01383 873344.

Support and Service Prices...
  • No Fix, No Fee1
  • Purchase advice2 - £30 to £80
  • New PC Set-up3 - £60
  • Virus removal - Max £80
  • System reinstallation4 - £80
  • Data Back-up - £30
  • Tuition - £30 per hour

1 No fix, no fee applies if the machine cannot be fix or, if to do so would be uneconomical. Should you decide to get someone else to do a repair or send it back under warranty, an inspection fee of £30 will apply.

2 Purchase advice for a PC can be simple or more involved...
Advice on specification - £30.
Advice and purchase the PC for you - £50.
Advice, purchase and set-up the PC - £80.
If you do require us to purchase the PC, a deposit will be required.

3 PC Set-up means setting up the PC, connecting keyboard, mouse, monitor, connecting to the internet, installing security, install your printer and, where applicable, the transfer of data. Additional hardware and software installations by arrangement.

4 Operating System reinstallation involves removing the PC because this can take several hours to do properly.

When reinstalling the Operating System, it is not practical to simply reinstall Windows. Data should be backed up from the old PC first - this can usually be done even if the machine will not start. Internet access should be established. All device drivers have to be installed and updated. Security programs should be installed and updated. The previously backed-up data should be transferred to the new PC.