CompuDocs is a small independant company based in Charlestown, near Dunfermline. We cover mainly the Dunfermline area going as far as Glenrothes to the North East and Perth to the North.

We concentrate on home computer support. This allows us to operate without expensive premises which means we can offer excellent computer service at very competitive rates as we have no expensive overheads to cover.

For many of the jobs, we prefer to take your machine away. This helps us keep the cost to you down; e.g. if we spend 4 hours in your house it will be at £30 per hour, we can do the same job at our premises for a maximum of £80.

Why choose CompuDocs?

CompuDocs has built up a good customer base in and around Dunfermline. We stick to our principles on offering customers a good, prompt and affordable service at a time which suits them. We don't stop work at 5pm and are happy to visit your house up to 8pm most evenings as well as weekends.

CompuDocs owner, Barry McDougall, has worked with, and on PCs for many years and in 2005, graduated from Napier University with Bachelor of Engineering degree in computing. Furthermore, Compudocs has now been in operation since 2006, and in that time has built up an extensive client base, with most of these coming to us through the recommendation of satisfied customers.

We know that you have a variety of options when choosing a PC repair company, so we tailor our business to suit most household requirements. We don't have a call out charge, so if we come to see your PC and for any reason it cannot be fixed or to do so would be uneconimcal, you won't be charged. Additionally, if the problem is easy enough that it can fixed over the phone, we are happy to do just that.

We can save you money by giving you advice on which PC to buy based on your needs, not what you might be convinced you need. We can also take the hassle out of getting a new PC by setting it up, transfering any data, and securing it as part of the package.

Don't hesitate, call us now on 01383 873344 or .